Brady Feigl is a 6’4″ pitcher for the Las Vegas Aviators. The 27-year-old’s red hair is unmistakable. Brady Feigl is also a 32-year-old pitcher for the Long Island Ducks. Standing 6 feet, 4 inches tall, he also has unmistakable red hair. These are two different people but good luck telling them apart!

The Minor League Baseball pitchers are creepy-close in profession, name and likeness. Heck, both of them both had the same elbow surgery done by the exact same doctor at one point. Like we said, it’s creepy.

Here’s how close they are: Ole Miss Baseball wished Brady a happy birthday on Twitter several years ago, but they tagged the wrong one. “Other” Brady responded leading to this incredible split screen.

So are they related?!

To say there is a resemblance is an understatement, and the curiosity started bugging the both of them. Same name, same profession, same surgeries, same glasses, same color hair… could they be related? So the two ended up taking a DNA test to see if, perhaps, they were!

Guess what? Shockingly, there was no match. All of this just happens to be pure coincidence.

While we don’t know if either can use face unlock on the other’s phone, the story of these two has gone super viral in the last couple days. The two find themselves double-checking baseball cards before they sign them.

In an interview with Inside Edition, the older Long Island Feigl said while they aren’t really brothers “We’re still brothers in a way. And we’ll always be Brady Feigl”.

The main difference between the two is one is a lefty and the other is a righty. We propose the Aviators picks up the other Feigl and puts them both on the roster so the opposing team has no idea who they are facing.