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2 Nevada Bars Named the Best in America via Esquire

Going to a bar in Las Vegas, or anywhere, really, is a trend that will never go away. The best bars in America have an inviting feeling, and whether they're upscale or totally downhome, you just want to go there and chill. If you travel around America, you'll find a ton of awesome, locally-owned bars with their own native flavor. Now, the experts at Esquire magazine have researched bars throughout the U.S. to determine the best bars in America. If you're looking to get your drink on, these are choice spots that you need to check out, according to Esquire, and two Nevada bars and hotspots are on the list. Best Bars in America, Including Two Nevada Bars Esquire magazine has scoured the country to find the best bars in America. They're also celebrating bar culture along the way. "Bars have always been that third place, the spot where you hang outside work and home," they explain. "But as we've discovered crisscrossing the country over the past twelve months to visit the new bars, they're doing that in more nuanced and varied ways than they have in a long time." As for bar trends, they note that a lot of bars are pretty complex these days. For example, plenty of bars have a nightclub component, so you can decide to chill in the bar portion of the venue or go to the hot, dance-filled area. Whether you're at a top-notch nightclub-type bar or a hole-in-the-wall place, Esquire has made sure to pick bars that make their clients and customers feel welcome. Because, really, going to a bar isn't just about the drink. Having a night at the bar is about talking to people, making new friends and having a good time with the local community. I enjoy going to the bar for the social aspect. So, which Nevada bars made the cut for the best bars in America according to the experts at Esquire? One is Collins at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas. Esquire praises this spot for being unique, when most lobby-bar areas are cookie-cuter. "Think marble, brass, velvet, and dim mood lighting," they explain. adding that when you enter, "you’re greeted with silver trays of olives and Marcona almonds, and you can throw down and get caviar service if you’re in the high-roller spirit." The other Vegas spot on the tally is Liquid Diet. They say this spot is very different, thanks to its "thrifted furniture, loud music, and strange yet delightful culinary cocktails whose names are scribbled on pieces of cardboard hung up above the bar." I'm happy to see these two Las Vegas and Nevada bars get some love nationally. [select-listicle listicle_id="727046" syndication_name="ways-to-be-instantly-more-attractive-in-the-dating-game" description="no"]

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