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Top Signs Someone Is Jealous Of You

You may have encountered someone who is jealous of you at some point in life. A friend, a colleague, or maybe even a family member. Sometimes, we are all guilty of having a moment of jealousy. When a neighbor wins a free luxury vacation that you would have loved to go on, or when a colleague gets that sought-after promotion that you wanted. It’s s not always easy to tell if someone is jealous or not. Sometimes, you may mistake someone’s jealous behavior for competitiveness. Other times, you might see it for what it is. But one thing is for sure, it can be difficult dealing with a jealous person. Best Life, a lifestyle magazine, collaborated with behavioral experts and therapists to compile a list of signs that someone is jealous of you. "When someone allows their jealousy to take over, or can't cope with it healthily, it can sabotage their relationships, happiness, and mental well-being," pointed out by the magazine. They're probably just jealous. At the top of their list is when someone is constantly pointing out your flaws. If you've noticed someone being overly critical towards you, focusing on small mistakes or flaws, it might not stem from a place of helpfulness. Instead, it could be a sign of jealousy. For instance, your success in the workplace might be met with nitpicking rather than praise, an example used by one of their experts. They also noted that this behavior often comes from their inner conflict. "Their feelings of inadequacy when they compare their journey to yours," said one of their experts. Also, on their list is downplaying your success. They point out that a confident person will be able to celebrate your successes. So, if someone in your life is constantly dismissing or downplaying your achievements, that's a red flag that they might be jealous of you. They might attribute your achievements to mere luck rather than hard work or skill, or they might imply that what you did is easy to achieve or not a big deal. This one may hit home for some people but "they have to one-up you all the time" made their list. When you share good news, they want to share even better news. Best Life highlights that a person who constantly has to try and trump your good news or accomplishments is likely jealous of you. "They do this to stroke their ego and avoid any painful feelings of inferiority," they wrote. Want to see more signs that someone is jealous of you? Check out the complete list here. [select-listicle listicle_id="614738" syndication_name="these-emojis-can-make-people-like-you" description="yes"]

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