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Kelsea Ballerini Unveils New ‘Little’ Hip Tattoo: ‘Don’t Want My Mom to Kill Me’

Kelsea Ballerini just got her fourth tattoo.

The singer unveiled the ink via Instagram when she shared a sexy bikini selfie that showed off a design on her side. “I got a little wave on my hip,” she wrote atop the snap. “I’ve been wanting it since 2016 and just randomly one day did it.”

She went on to share that the art is her “fourth little baby tat.” Ballerini added that she “kinda wants more” but “kinda don’t want my mom to kill me.

Her very first delicate tattoo is written in cursive and reads, “How sweet the sound.” Another one of the singer’s tattoos reads, “Love. Love,” in both her parents’ handwriting, and then there is a square peg, symbolizing someone who feels like a misfit.

Do you have any tattoos, or are you contemplating getting one?

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