Ransom Garcia

Weekdays 3pm-7pm


I’m a born and raised Las Vegan and have been on the Vegas airwaves for the last 14 years!

After hearing Casey Kasem around the tender age of eight, I thought, “Whoa… you can make a living talking to people and playing music?” It was at that moment, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Besides radio, I am an active member of the Las Vegas Film Critic Society. I also passionately work with autism organizations around the valley.

Even though I’m Vegas born and raised, I’m a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan because my dad helped make the ketchup bottles on the Heinz Field scoreboard. It worked out pretty well because I married a girl from Pennsylvania and she’s also part of Steeler Nation — haha!

Being outdoors and making memories are my favorite things to do. I literally bought a house near Red Rock Canyon, so that I can easily make it to the loop and go on a hike. There’s something therapeutic about popping in some ear buds, throwing on a podcast, and walking through Ice Box Canyon.  I also currently play on a couple of indoor teams. I’ve been playing since I was 6 and plan to keep on going until my body tells me to stop.

But aside from being the avid outdoors man I am (slight sarcasm here), I’m also a big gamer. I just really love relaxing on the couch with a great game. But as many parents know, the things we use to love start to become a distant memory when you have KIDS. Before becoming a dad, my favorite games were online multiplayer shooters, but now I prefer story-based single player titles.

So I talked a little about having children. But recently, my son, wife and I added a new addition to our family: Steve!

Steve is a Boston Terrier and he joined our very own Coyote pack a few weeks ago. He also has a sister, who’s a senior Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Lady.


I’m a big movie lover, and I use to do weekly film segments on a few talk stations around the city! My time with the society is something I’m very proud of and although I no longer do any movie segments around town, I still try to make as many press screenings as life allows.

Another passion I have is working with FEAT (Families for Ethical Autism Treatment) for over a decade. I became involved after meeting some of the board members back in 2008. Since then, we’ve raised over a million dollars to help send the kids to camps and to get treatment.

So thank you for making me part of your routine! Simply put I love that Las Vegas truly feels like a small town AND a big city. If you’re here long enough, you’ll realize that everyone knows one another.