$1,000 can give you a great night in Las Vegas.

This is why our cash contest can give you the chance to live out your wildest dreams!

Being the city of excess, there are a plethora of things you can throw your money at in our wonderful city.

From seeing a sports game in a beautiful arena to seeing Adele front-row, what CAN’T you do in Las Vegas with superfluous cash?

Poolside relaxation, 24-karat gold facials and reiki healing massages await you with some new-found cash. Not to mention, you can indulge on the most expensive caviar and gastronomical adventures.

In fact, you can have a whole itinerary with $1,000 that will give you unforgettable experiences. You can spend it all at once or maybe purchase things one by one. Either way, $1,000 can turn any frown upside down.

Along with this, living in Las Vegas means that we’re constantly surrounded by these flashy and over-the-top objects and events. So as a local, it will be nice to finally experience VIP treatment.

We asked around the office, and some of the most common responses were “I would go on a vacation,” “I would take myself out on a shopping spree,” or even “I would invest it.”

According to an article From Insider, many lottery winners have purchased interesting items. Although $1,000 doesn’t necessarily equate to winning the Powerball jackpot maybe these purchases can give you some inspiration.

The Insider article states that one lottery winner purchased a water park, one used his earnings to advocate for marijuana legalization and one even funded a TV show about women wrestlers.

So, you can clearly see that you can use your imagination when it comes to spending $1,000 — especially in Las Vegas.

In celebration of our cash contests, we’ve compiled this list of how you can spend $1,000 in Las Vegas. What would you do with a grand?

  • Buy Those Raiders Tickets . . . And Get The Good Seats

    This is definitely a big purchase that we can get behind. $1,000 can give you amazing seats at Allegiant Stadium. So, get those tickets that you’ve always wanted, see that game you’ve been dreaming about and purchase seats closest to the 50-year line. This will be a memory that sticks with you for life!

  • Pick Your Bucket-List Show And Buy Those Tickets With No Regrets

    Adele, Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry, Shania Twain, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Foreigner, Usher: These are just a few residencies happening in Las Vegas . . .  currently. If you win $1,000 then you could buy the best seats in the house and fulfil any musical fantasy you’ve had. Personally, we’ve been wanting to see Adele. But, there’s simply not a bad show in Las Vegas.

  • Take A Helicopter Ride Over The Sphere

    The Sphere has been all the rage in Las Vegas. But not many people can say they’ve flown over or around it. With some new contest cash, you can rent a helicopter ride and take a spin around the beautiful MSG Sphere! This will give you a new view that not many people have seen. If you’ve ever wondered what the Sphere looks like from the top then this is your chance to enjoy the views.

  • Enjoy Dinner At One Of The Most Expensive Eateries In Vegas

    L’Atelier is one of the most renowned restaurants in Las Vegas with a Forbes Five Star rating , AAA Five Diamond and Wine Spectator’s Grand Award. Trust us, this meal won’t be cheap. In fact, you’re looking at a least a few hundred dollars for a meal here, and that’s without alcohol or wine pairings! Indulge into a feat here and eat like royalty. 

  • Jump Off The Strat

    Have you ever wanted to jump off The Strat? SkyJump is an open-air leap that holds the Guinness World Record for “highest commercial decelerator descent facility.”

    You start at the top of The Strat and end at the bottom, with a harness and a bungee cord saving you from imminent danger.

  • Get a 24-karat gold facial

    The Cleopatra Golden Goddess Facial at Qua Baths & Spas at Caesars Palace will encapsulate your face in a mask that’s made from real gold! Excessive and slightly gaudy definitely yes.

    But this experience will make you feel like royalty and leave your skin glowing.

  • Get Bottle Service At A Las Vegas Night Club

    From Encore Beach Club, Marquee, Ayu Day Club and Zouk Night Club, Xs, OMNIA and more, $1,000 will give you a great bottle show and definitely a fun time. Will it be memorable? Well, if you’re drinking and partying Vegas style then we’re not too sure how much of that day you’ll remember.

  • You Won't Feel Guilty About Buying Coffee

    Do you ever feel guilty for buying coffee? Well, with $1,000, you won’t feel AS bad when buying your cup of joe! In fact, get the double shot with the cream. If you want some sweetener or extra pumps of vanilla then ask for it. Live a little with your orders and don’t hold back from the 50 cent charges with each syrup, foam or shot!

  • Stay At A Beautiful Suite In The Palms Casino Resort

    The Palms Casino Resort has some of the most beautiful suites and rooms in Las Vegas. Their interior design is immaculate, and the view from their rooms is the perfect mixture of Las Vegas Strip frenzy and a calm serene landscape of the deserts. From the famous Hardwood Suite with the iconic basketball hoop to the beautiful “Barbie-like” room that’s perfect for a girl’s night out, this is a great place to spend $1,000!

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