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Let’s give a warm welcome to Shawn Stevens!

I’m born-and-bred country boy, from the St. Louis area — a city that’s vital to the history and development of country music. I moved to the west more than 20 years ago, and being an industry veteran I have programmed radio in cities across America. SeattleDenverSalt Lake City and my hometown of St. Louis are just a few cities that I have under my radio-experience belt. And my country roots run deep with my radio programming philosophy and close ties to the Nashville community.

Outside of radio, I am a Koi fish caretaker and pond builder, and may be coined as one of the best in the country! I am a master craftsmen when it comes to building the perfect ponds for Koi fish, and my wife is truly the “Koi fish” whisperer. My wife and I are devoted animal lovers with three fun-loving furry friends.

Get to know me every morning on 107.9 Coyote Country from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m., Monday through Friday!

Meet Your New Morning Show Host: Shawn Stevens