Shawn Stevens In The Morning

Shawn Stevens In The Morning

Shawn Stevens In The Morning


Let’s give a warm welcome to Shawn Stevens!

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He’s a born-and-bred country boy from the St. Louis area — a city that’s vital to the history and development of country music. Shawn has called the Great American West “home” for the last 20 years. His nomadic journey has brought him to work in cities such as SeattleDenver, Grand Junction, Salt Lake City and his hometown of St. Louis. Shawn’s country roots run deep with his radio programming philosophy and close ties to the Nashville community.

Outside of radio, Shawn and his amazing wife Kimberly are two of the most talented and well-respected Koi fish experts, caregivers and pond builders. Shawn is simply a master-craftsmen when it comes to building the perfect ponds for any Koi fish. Kimberly is the “Koi fish whisperer” with extensive knowledge, experience and expertise on the health and wellness of Koi fish.

We also need to mention that Kimberly is one of the most talented decorators of all time. Her Christmas trees — yes multiple Christmas trees — are a spectacle to see in the Stevens household.

The Stevens household also has a few furry friends to make it a true Coyote pack. Recently, their lovely dog Koda passed away. But, siblings Whiskey and Ellie May are still kicking it!

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