Valentine’s Day isn’t a huge holiday for the Thomas family but we love, LOVE, so we celebrate! Every year we get a little something special for each other and order-in. But after this year, we may steal Jeff and Emily’s tradition, because we made some tasty homemade pizzas together. (Patrick said that hes dropping his resume off to Phylis at Above The Crust after his BBQ chicken pizza performance)

Big fans of making our own pizzas because we all like something different. Patrick-bbq chicken pizza. Aimee-pepperoni, mushroom, black olives. Jayden-basically no cheese or sauce and a lot of pepperoni. Roman-a lot of mozzarella cheese and pepperoni

My tradition every year is that I would lay out everyone’s Valentine’s Day treats before work so when they all woke up they would see them. This year Super Bowl got in the way. If you know anything about me I am very last minute so I had to go get their gifts after work on Valentine’s Day. Big mistake. They are so fast, moving onto the next holiday in stores. They had zero Valentine’s things on the shelves and they had already moved on to St. Patrick’s Day and even Easter!

Luckily Jayden is good with snacks and a Chick-Fil-A gift card and Roman is good with donuts and crayons!

Look at Jayden’s Valentine’s Day gift from 2013. I believe we still have that Cars cup and Roman uses it now!


Jayden’s first Valentine’s Day dance.. with me. I could cry.

Jayden’s first Valentine’s Day Dance…without me & Roman’s first Valentine’s Day. Time goes by so fast!

Here are some pictures of us celebrating love this year!

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