Downtown of one of the noisiest cities in America

There is always a lot going on here in our city! But, where does Las Vegas rank when it comes to the “noisiest” cities in America? According to an article put out by SteelGuard, you might be surprised!

We can tell you right now, the good news is that we don’t even appear in the Top 10. However, living in Las Vegas, we are subject to quite a bit of noise. Whether it be in the flight path of the airport, road construction, the building of new homes, noise is unavoidable. It’s all over the city, but still, we rate fairly low on the list.

How Las Vegas Ranks Compared To Other Cities

We have to be honest, the City of Henderson is a lot quieter than Las Vegas and for good reason. They operate as a small town with less people compared to Las Vegas.

But, let’s look at how the criteria and list was put together. Keep in mind that, according to the article, transportation, traffic, construction and even the number of bars we’re taken into consideration.

With all that, you’d think that our city would rank high on the list! But, would you believe that we didn’t even make the Top 20? Cities like Philadelphia, San Francisco, even the Midwestern city of Milwaukee… all noisier than US!

It’s amazing that, when you scroll down and see what cities made the Top 5, how much quieter we really are. Please, how many times have you heard the screeching of tires in your neighborhood or sirens flying by your house at all hours of the night?

Still, we are NOT the noisiest city in America! Even the Mile High City of Denver registers on the list higher than us… and you’d think that with all that “Rocky Mountain High” stuff, that would be a nice and quiet place to settle down.

Well, let’s do it… scroll down to see where Las Vegas ends up on the list and what are the Top 5 Noisiest Cities in America. Enjoy.

Top 5 Noisiest Cities In America

  • #5 BOSTON, MASS.

    They clearly have a lot going on in Boston day in and day out. So, when you look at noisy cities, this New England town comes in at #5. Wicked noisy!

    The old state house downtown in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • #4 NEWARK, N.J.

    Don’t let the beautiful night skyline fool ya, this is one noisy city! In a congested area as it is, it’s no wonder it doesn’t rank higher. But be proud Newark… you are #4 on the list.

    The skyline of Newark, New Jersey at night

  • #3 JERSEY CITY, N.J.

    Don’t let this picture fool ya… it looks quiet and quaint, but Jersey City has a lot going on. Again, in that congested area outside of New York, for this reason Jersey City comes in at #3 on the list.

    A mix of the old and new of Jersey City, New Jersey.

  • #2 CHICAGO, ILL.

    Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. There’s a reason that this city is referred to as the “Second City” but it can get pretty noisy downtown. Traffic, The L train running overhead, and construction. As beautiful as it looks, Chicago is #2 on the list.

    A beautiful shot of Chicago from Lake Michigan

  • #1 NEW YORK, N.Y.

    Are you really surprised? Didn’t think so. New York City is the noisiest city in America. And if you’ve ever been there you would understand. It’s big, it’s loud and it’s proud of it’s #1 ranking. Congrats to the BIG APPLE!

    The skyline of New York City with the Statue of Liberty in the foreground

  • #24 LAS VEGAS, NV.

    Well, it could be a lot worse right? And you would think that with all that we have going on here, we would have ranked much, much higher, but NOPE! When it comes down to it, Las Vegas seems to be average after all. At #24, we seem to be right in the middle of this 50 city survey when it comes to the “Noisiest Cities in America!”

    Arial view of the Las Vegas Strip during the day

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