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Ransom Garcia

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As of this morning, the guy who’s been on your radio for over two decades is blessed to turn 40 in 2024.

What started out as something I thought would be fun to do while going to college (to be an English teacher, nonetheless) has turned into my career. It’s so wild to think that I have now been doing a job that I love for more than half of my life! Quite honestly, I really hope I get the opportunity to do it for much longer.

I love being on your radio, making dad jokes, introducing you to new music and helping these talented artists create meaningful careers! I love creating experiences for our listeners and giving them opportunities to do things money can’t buy! I love forming relationships with people who I probably would’ve never met if it weren’t for radio.

Has the job changed since I began in 2003? Of course, it has. The whole world has. Now, the stuff I say on my social media accounts and on my blogs are considered just as valuable to the company as the stuff I say over the airwaves during my show. And I truly hope that you’ve enjoyed it all!

Things I love That Turn 40 In 2024

I’m grateful to get older. I’m thankful I’ve been around long enough see white hairs start to pop up on my chin and new wrinkles forming on my face. It’s fun for me to open up social media on days like this and see memories of birthdays past. They’re a reminder that I’ve lived and that I continue to do so.

Aging: It’s a luxury that too many people don’t get the opportunity to do.

When I woke up this morning, I wondered what I should write about — and I thought to myself, “I wonder what else turns 40 this year?”

So that’s exactly what I’m going to do… Let’s all take a trip down memory lane! I truly hope you also love these things too! So alas, here are the top things I love that turn 40 in 2024.


  • Ghostbusters

    Fun fact about me, before I discovered that it wasn’t a real thing, the first job I wanted to do when I “grew up” was be a Ghostbuster. As a kid, I was obsessed! I remember wearing a backpack, then breaking off branches from trees and pretending it was my own proton pack.

    Playing “Ghostbusters” with my friends helped grow my imagination. Which is something I’m happy I still get to use today, doing radio.

  • Transformers

    Shout out to Hasbro for putting the original cartoons on YouTube for everyone to enjoy for free! At least some episodes from the original season, which debuted in 1984.

    Like Ghostbusters, the Transformers helped shape my imagination. As someone who now works with his voice, I’ve always dreamed of voicing a character in a cartoon. Peter Cullen, who voices Optimus Prime, is a personal hero of mine. I’m really happy he’s still around, lending his incredible voice to characters in 2024.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


    While the tv show came out in 1987, the turtles made their comic book debut in 1984. Who was your favorite turtle? Mine was always Raphael. He’s also the reason why red is my favorite color.

    As a kid, I think I like him the most because he was just so strong. But now that I’m adult, he remains my favorite turtle because he’s by far the most interesting of all the characters. He’s a flawed hero who sometimes lets his emotions get the best of him, but he also loves his family so much and oftentimes sacrifices himself to protect them.

    He’s the best, and I’ve always seen a little bit of Raphael in me.


  • Secret Wars

    Marvel’s Secret Wars came out in 1984 and the history behind it is so interesting! What started off as a way for the company to sell toys ended up becoming a really popular and beloved storyline. It’s also the crossover event that gave us the character Venom! It’ll be exciting when the MCU covers it, which is part of their future plans. According to marvel studios, they hope to release the film in 2027.

  • Metallica - Ride The Lightning


    While country music is (and always will be) my favorite genre, there’s no hiding the fact that rock music has also been a major influence in my life! Metallica has always been a band that I’ve loved and their album “Ride the Lightning” came out in 1984. Just listening to it now, you can hear how this band helped shape the modern sound.

    “Master of Puppets” is still my favorite of all their albums, but I definitely dig “Ride the Lightning” too.

  • George Strait - Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind

    I’ll wrap up this list with the GOAT! There hasn’t been a more influential artist in my life than George Strait! He’s my favorite country artist and this album is considered by many as some of his finest work.

    “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind” gave us some of the greatest country songs of all time, including “The Fireman” and “The Cowboy Rides Away.”

    It’s an absolute gem of an album and one of the reasons George will always be my hero.

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