The Westgate Hotel sportsbook filled with spectators for the games.

If it wasn’t for sports betting, Las Vegas would be a totally different vibe. Now with professional teams in town, even more so. In doing so, this attracts more tourists to come to Vegas to watch their teams play against our home teams. Having sports allows locals to place their bets not only on that game but other games as well. According to Statista, in November of 2023, sports betting brought in $40.99 million in Vegas. While that seems like a lot, it’s actually down from October’s $61 million. City growth wouldn’t be possible without the sports books.

Get Your Bets In

When it comes to sports betting, things have really evolved. Before mobile apps and the internet, you physically had to walk into a sports book to see the odds and place your bets. Vegas hotels knew that making it an experience would draw betters to their sports book over others. This meant ramp up amenities like making seating more comfortable, big screens, drink and food service, and much more. Now some hotels are taking the sports book experience to a whole different level. Adding restaurant viewing access, two story viewing and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

All these things combined make for the perfect sports watching experience. That’s why sports betting at sports books is so huge. It’s easy. You can do it from an app on your phone, without even stepping foot into a sports book. Even though app sports betting is available now, millions still pass through the sports book because of the experience it offers. So when in Las Vegas, what sports book should you go to for the best sports experience? Below you’ll find 5 of the top sports books we think you’d like, whether you’re a visitor from out of town or a local here in the valley.

  • Wynn Race And Sports Book

    Now it’s all about getting all the experiences of a casino all in one place. That includes gambling, drinks, and sports betting. Screens all around you so you can catch all the games at the same time. Wynn has provided that for you. Gambling machines at a round bar, with screens all around the top of you. Of course with the sports betting windows to make your bets.

    • Address: 3131 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
    • Hours Of Operation: Open 24 Hours
  • The SuperBook At Westgate Las Vegas

    When The Westgate announced they renovated their sports book almost 8 years ago, people flocked to check it out. With large screens wrapped around the front with comfy chairs and couches to watch the games. More windows to place your bets. And of course the cocktail waitresses always making sure you’re always topped off.

    • Address: 3000 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
    • Hours Of Operation: Open 24 Hours
  • The Sportsbook At Caesars Palace

    Just like The Wynn Las Vegas, Caesars Palace has a similar set up. They made sure that all guests in their sportsbook could get the best of everything they have to offer. Their sportsbook has big screens all around you. They have a massive round bar with plenty of seating. Lots of gaming machines at the bar tops to play. Plus they have their comfy chairs to sit in if you’re wanting to stay a while to catch multiple games.

    • Address: 3570 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
    • Hours: Open 24 Hours
  • The George/Durango Casino & Resort Sportsbook

    People dining at The George, located in the Sports book of the new Durango Casino and Resort

    The George view into the sports book of Durango Casino and Resort


    The Durango Casino and Resort just opened and has been getting a lot of attention. Station Casinos wanted to make sure that the Southwest part of the valley had their own casino to call home. They made sure to make it special. They offer the new food hall with lots of food choices. But when it comes to sports, they went all out. Not only does their sports book offer the hug screens showing all your favorite sports, but they offer lots of seating options. They have a bar with screens around the top of it. Not only will it show outside of but on the inside as well. And if that’s not enough, they built The George, a restaurant that sits right above the open sports book, so you can enjoy great food, while dining in a restaurant type atmosphere. They even extended it to an outside patio area with giant screens outside, outside bar, bar top gambling machines, fire pits, and more! The best part is dining is 24 hours at The George with brunch options on the weekend. This makes it for a perfect place to place bets and catch a game or two. This is why I made it my number two choice.

    • Address: 6915 S Durango Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89148
    • Hours: Open 24 Hours
    • The George Hours: Open 24 Hours
  • Circa Sportsbook


    When it comes to sports betting and sportsbook, Circa Resort and Casino Las Vegas takes the number 1 spot. Why? They made their sportsbook two stories tall. Yes, the screens span upwards to a second floor. Not only do they have all the amenities all other sportsbooks offer as far as convenience and comfort, but they do it on two floors. The upper viewing area has a bar with table top gaming, and lots of viewing area to see all games. In the main sportsbook area, you can get your bets in and either play the machines and watch or sit in their sports book seating. Not only do they show all the games there in the sports book, they show them upstairs at their stadium swim as well. It’s almost like Circa was built for sports betting. That is why they’re number 1 on this list.

    • Address: 8 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101
    • Hours: Open 24 Hours


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