Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas

Summer vacation is upon us. So, where to? Maybe the Poop Museum!

Summer Travel Might Take You To Some Unusual Places

There are some great places, national parks, monuments, and museums to visit and explore in the United States. Some great places in the state of Nevada, that you probably didn’t even know about. And we’ll get to those. But I have to share one of the places I just found out about.

If you drive about four hours from Las Vegas, you will find an amazing place. The Grand Canyon? Yes – but no. It’s right near the beautiful Grand Canyon – but you can always see that.

How About A Visit To The Poop Museum In Arizona

Yeppers! I’m talking about the brand new – world’s largest museum – for fossilized POOP!

It just opened in Williams, Arizona near the Grand Canyon. And they gave it the perfect name:  The Poozeum. Yes, I’m serious.

If you’re looking for a fun road trip this summer, this cool(?) – uh, interesting(?) – new attraction just opened, in the small town of Williams, Arizona, on historic Route 66.

Most people who visit The Poozeum are actually on their way to the Grand Canyon. It’s about 60 miles south of it.  But, dare I say – it smells like the Grand Canyon has some stiff competition now. (Oh shut up – that was clever, and you know it)

The Poozeum Is The Largest Museum Of Its Kind

The poop museum just opened in downtown Williams, and it is the largest poop museum! It specifically highlights fossilized dinosaur poop. So there is definitely something to it.

The term for fossilized feces is coprolite. (COP-rolite, not CRA – well, you got it.)  They’ve got around 8,000 pieces in their collection, including the largest dinosaur poop ever found: a two-foot-long specimin that they think belonged to a T-rex.

Believe it or not, the museum is free.  So if you’re passing through Williams, it won’t cost you anything. But I think just getting a picture in front of it is reason enough to stop. Because of the name alone!

Definitely check out The Poozeum if you are heading to the Grand Canyon. Or just GO!

Here are some strange and interesting Nevada attractions you might enjoy.

  • 1. The Clown Motel: Tonopah, Nevada

    The Clown Motel is just plain weird. And it is said to be haunted – which is not hard to believe. I have been to it, but refuse to stay, because it is like something out of the X-Files the Scully and Mulder would have even avoided, But it is quite the tourist attraction. At least check out the weird gift shop.    

    The Clown Motel in Tonopah Nevada

  • 2. The Middlegate Shoe Tree: Dayton, Nevada

    It’s a tree with a bunch of shoes hanging over branches. The story is that a couple got in their first fight as newlyweds, they had an argument right near the tree, and one left the other walking home, without shoes. They patched things up, but made an anniversary tradition out of going back each year to throw a shoe on the tree. It’s interesting. In Dayton, Nevada, about 50 miles from Fallon Nevada, on The Loneliest Road In America.

    The Middlegate Nevada Shoe Tree


  • 3. The Car Forest: Goldfield, Nevada

    The call it the Free Range Art Gallery. There are dozens of cars, vans, and trucks half-buried, or sticking straight up out of the ground, and even on top of each other. These are the canvas, and they are really colorful, and festive. It’s a really cool sight to see, in the living ghost town of Goldfield. 

    Goldfield Nevada Car Forest

  • 4. Seven Magic Mountains: Las Vegas, Nevada

    The Seven Magic Mountains were supposed to be a temporary exhibit, but they have been up since 2016. About 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas are seven fluorescent colored, 11 story rock towers. They have become a bit of  have become something of a cult classic, and they are a GREAT photo op. A really cool sight to see! 

    Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas


  • 5. The National Atomic Testing Museum: Las Vegas, Nevada

    There were over 900 atomic tests in Nevada. And people would take buses to see the testing. It was a huge draw for Las Vegas, and people came in from everywhere. People would bus out to the test site, put their goggles on, have a cocktail, and enjoy watching the mushroom clouds in the sky. It was quite the attraction on Las Vegas in the 50’s. The Atomic Testing Museum, though, is quite amazing, and full of history. A huge, actual, nuclear reactor, a backpack nuke, and personal atomic weapons. Yikes! But the Oppenheimer era was fierce in Las Vegas.

    Atomic testing in the Nevada desert


  • 6. Little A’Le’Inn: Rachel, Nevada

    The Little A’Le’Inn is just as kitschy as you would imagine! You can stay there, eat there, and shop. All a play on the Area 51 test site, that is not too far down the road. And all part of the heyday of the Las Vegas atomice times. Do NOT try to trek on over to Area 51, and think you’ll get past anything. Lights go on, and guards swarm in from nowhere! Just keep close to the Inn.

    Extraterrestrial Highway outside of Las Vegas


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