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The #1 Skill Companies Want (That Few of Us Have)

As someone who has always wanted to be successful in my career, I’ve learned that being a great collaborator is an important skill to have. Even though many of us are good at what we do, being able to collaborate effectively is something that is highly sought after by employers. In fact, a professor at Harvard has even stated that it’s the #1 skill that companies want, but that few of us actually possess.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work under a great boss, Shawn Stevens, who has taught me many of the skills necessary to become a better collaborator.

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  • Lessons Learned

    Shawn has always encouraged me to ask for help and get input from others, and has shown me the importance of acknowledging and appreciating my colleagues’ efforts. He’s also taught me the value of being an inclusive leader and embracing the diverse perspectives that our colleagues bring to the table.

  • BUT You Can Also Learn From The Bad Ones...

    But it’s not just the good bosses that can teach us these valuable lessons. I’ve also learned from my experiences with bad bosses that it’s important to be aware of how not to collaborate. Working with difficult people has taught me the importance of being patient, staying calm, and trying to find common ground when dealing with challenging situations.

  • In Conclusion

    Overall, I’ve found that the key to being a successful collaborator is to be open-minded, patient, and willing to learn from both good and bad experiences. By focusing on these skills and learning from the experiences of others, I’m confident that I can continue to grow and develop as a collaborator in my career.

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