Check out the Super Bowl Experience at Mandalay Bay Convention Center. One of a kind activations and photo ops are there. Enjoy!

Super Bowl LVIII is nearly five days away at Allegiant Stadium for the first time in Vegas history. The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs are going head to head for the Vince Lombardi Trophy and bragging rights, of course. The city of Las Vegas has turned into Super Bowl haven with signage, photo-opts, and events promoting the big game. Whether you’re into football or not, it’s exciting being a Vegas local to witness history go down right in our very own backyard.

Las Vegas Is A Sports City – Super Bowl LVIII

Las Vegas is home to the Vegas Golden Knights (NHL), Las Vegas Aces (WNBA), and a future home to the (MLB) The A’s. The culture of Vegas is slowly becoming more sport-minded with community prevalence. Not everyone is going to be able to attend Super Bowl LVIII and that’s okay. Many bars, restaurants and eateries are going to be playing the game with festivities of their own. For families, that can be hard as many places are 21+ and let’s be honest, a smoky-filled bar isn’t the place for kids. No matter how many kids, furry or human, if you want to get in on the action, this is the event you won’t want to miss.

Super Bowl Experience – Player Meet And Greets, Photo-Opts, Interactive Installations

The Super Bowl Experience is a family-friendly event held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center starting tomorrow Wednesday, February 7 through Saturday, February 10. The event space is filled with interactive photo-opts including huge helmet statues, team-player head cut-outs, a giant LVIII to take photos in front of and so many more. The venue features energetic life-like football installations including Field Goal Kicks, Quarterback Scramble, 40-Yard Dash, Fueled Up Face-offs and plenty of other football related activities.

Moreover, adults 21+, don’t worry, they do have a bar on sight to taste test their signature flavors. Players will be filtering in and out during each day to meet fans and sign autographs. Plus, a Nickelodeon Blow-Up Zone (which is actually pretty cool) hides amongst the back of the convention space. LIVE auctions will also be taking place next to the autograph signings with rare autographed sports memorabilia. A tip would be to download the NFL OnePass app to plan your day accordingly so that you don’t miss out on exciting opportunities. Each day is a ticketed cost with Thursday being the cheapest day into the weekend.

In conclusion, we hope that you have a kicking good-time and don’t forget to tag us in your sports posts.

  • Nickelodeon Blow-Up Zone

    SpongeBob SquarePants and all of his friends (and arch-enemies aka Plankton) invaded the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Check out the Krabby Patty bounce-house, Inflatable Patrick #1 foam finger and photo opportunities with all of the characters. This is a safe and fun place for all ages to let their inner child out. We might have to add that SpongeBob should really be the halftime performance (Sorry Usher).

    A SpongeBob SquarePants inflatable is sitting in the Nickelodeon Zone.

    Meet SpongeBob and all of his friends. The yellow sponge is ready to take a photo with you.

    A blow-up Krabby patty bounce house from the famous SpongeBob SquarePants show.

    Little ones can bounce in the Krusty Krab bounce house. Children must be supervised at all times.

    A blow-up clam shaped like a football in a shell.

    Meet the famous blow-up football clam shell. You can find other cool blow-ups in the Nickelodeon Zone.

  • Sports Memorabilia Auction

    Check out the sports memorabilia from many of the official NFL teams including the, Las Vegas Raiders, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys and more.  Autograph items include jerseys, signed beer cans, footballs, magazines, shoes, photos and a plethora of other items. You can bid in person for the LIVE auction or register to bid online during the auction day. Find out all of the details on bidding, cut-off times and prices in the NFL OnePass App.

    Sports helmets behind glass ready to be big on.

    Helmets from many different teams have ben autographed and are up for grabs. Happy bidding.

    Sports beer can, autographed football and magazine behind glass ready to be big on.

    Find one-of-a-kind things at the Super Bowl Experience. Take something from your favorite team away with you.

    Sports merch behind glass ready to be big on.

    Get your chance to win a piece of history from your favorite team. Big in person or online.

  • 40 Yard Dash

    Test your speed with the 40 yard dash as you race to the finish line. Might we add, you may want to stretch ahead of time and drink lots of liquids. A screen will count you down and bam you take off like a horse at the Kentucky Derby.

    40 Yard Dash Activation with a man on a screen running as fast as he could.

  • Meet Your Favorite Players

    NFL players from different teams will be meeting fans through out the day. We do not have a set list of who will be there as the event has that on lockdown. We do recommend getting in line early for any players to hopefully land your spot in meeting them. We understand that autographs will be taking place (one per person). We do not know about personalized items due but you can find more details on their website HERE.

    A Super Bowl red wall for photo opts.

    Take a photo for your keep sakes of your time at the Super Bowl Experience. Don’t miss your chance.

  • Football Must Photo-Opts

    The Convention Center is filled with countless photo moments from everywhere that you look. A couple of our favorites include, The Helmet Wall, The LVIII Big Sign, The Vince Lombardi Trophy and the Big Helmets Row. Each of these areas are custom and unique to emphasize the BIG game. Please be courteous to your fellow photo takers. The lighting isn’t the best so be prepared to use flash in some areas of the convention.

    A man poses in front of the LVIII photo sign.

    Take a photo in front of the signature letters and numbers. It will only be Super Bowl 58 once.

    A photo wall features helmets of all teams.

    Check out the Helmet Wall with all official teams featured. This is a moment you will not forget.

    Vince Lombardi Trophy photo area

    Now’s your chance to meet the famous trophy in sports history. The trophy will be available for all three days of the event. And it’s the real deal!

  • Vertical Jump

    If you have good knees, this may be the interactive pop-up for you. Test your jumping skills in the Vertical Jump. Line up next to the pole and with all your might jump and tap on the peg you can reach. This exercise is great for strength and endurance training.

    Vertical Jump Activation with a man on a screen jumping up as high as he could go.

  • Sports Memorabilia Inspired Locker Room

    A special place is the sports memorabilia inspired locker room that featured a jersey and set gear for each official team. Take a peek at the type of shoes, hats, helmets and clothes that each player wears. Browsing each team hypes you up for the next one.

    A locker room inspired area featuring a team member from each team and the gear that they wear.

    Check out how each team wears different kinds of gear. See what each player prefers in his cubby.

    A locker room inspired area featuring a team member from each team and the gear that they wear.

    This will take you down a sports journey you won’t want to return on. Feel inspired!

  • Take A Stroll Down Sports History Lane

    This unique history observing gallery reminisces on the victories and teams that trailblazed previous Super Bowls. Take the time to understand team challenges, game plans and storylines. This pop-up gives insights on teams that you may have never known. Educate yourself with light reading and photos from footballs past.


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