Kansas City and San Francisco give us something to salivate about... so what are you serving up for your Super Bowl party?

February 11th, it is on. Super Bowl LVIII is going down at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. The Kansas City Chiefs and Taylor Swift are facing the San Francisco 49ers for the Big Game. If you are planning on having people over for the game, you’re gonna want to make sure you get the food right. Sure, you could order pizza, but you clicked this article because you like to be extra. What if you had the cuisine for both teams represented? (It is too bad Detroit didn’t make it… Eminem’s “Mom’s Spaghetti” will have to wait for next season.)

Filling your Super Bowl with tasty local dishes

Every part of the country has their own special cuisine. The Saints would have a heaping helping of Jambalaya. The Eagles would be slingin’ some Philly Cheesesteaks. And the Patriots… well let’s just say the country has had enough New England Clam Chowder for a while.

On one end of the buffet table, we have San Francisco, California (even though the 49ers play in Santa Clara). The ‘City By The Bay’ offers up delicious seafood, Ghirardelli chocolate and bread bowls that are to die for. On the other side of the table, Kansas City. Missouri, not Kansas. If you know the Midwest, you know they know their barbeque. But not all ‘que is made the same. Tennessee style is different than Memphis style. Even North Carolina has some disagreements when it comes to the best BBQ style. Kansas City has a style all its own.

We’ve scoured the cookbooks to find the dishes and delicacies for each Super Bowl city. There are some well known favorites and some really questionable combinations that make the list. So whether you’ve tried them before, or you want to call an audible at your party this year, here’s a taste of the tastes…

  • Kansas City: Cinnamon Rolls... in Chili?

    To anyone not from Kansas City, it sounds obscene. Cinnamon Rolls and Chili are like matching peanut butter and marbles. Some places play with the cinnamon and chili combination (Cincinnati and Skyline Chili, we are looking at you). But legit, Kansas goes big. Actually putting together cinnamon rolls and a chili featuring beef and beans. A little bold, a little sweet. Like Taylor and Travis.

    cinnamon roll next to chili

    While it may sound unusual to the uninitiated, the combination of chili and cinnamon rolls is a classic meal across parts of the Midwest.


  • San Francisco: Sourdough Bread Bowls Of Soup

    Looking for something to warm your soul? Do as the San Franciscans do… eat soup in a bowl. Sure, it has a ton of carbs, but this is one “super bowl” for the big game. Sourdough bread is a San Francisco staple and is absolutely delicious and filling. Frankly, if you make this chances are you won’t need to make anything else.

    clam chowder in an edible sourdough bread bowl

    It’s as San Franciscan as Rice-A-Roni. Well, actually, way more than that.

















  • Kansas City: Burnt Ends

    Kansas City is known for its special style of barbeque. Kind of like lobster used to be treated in New England, burnt ends used to be given away or chucked. But tastes turned to love the cooked to a crisp ‘que. Serve it up with a delicious barbeque sauce and you’re set.

    burnt ends on plate

    Sure they are burnt. Sure they used to be considered a throwaway. But they are KC’S THROWAWAY! And don’t you forget it.














  • San Francisco: "Mission" Burritos

    Easy to make and freeze in the days leading up to the game, Mission burritos (aka a San Francisco burrito) features a massive steamed or grilled flour tortilla filled to the brim with beans, guac, rice, cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream. Add a meat, and you’ve got a loaf worthy of spiking in the end zone.

    burrito cut in half on plate

    Nothing like a giant loaf to bite into.

  • Kansas City: Chicken Spiedini

    This sounds de-licious! Although our stock picture website doesn’t have a picture of the dish, so enjoy this Italian enjoying his dish instead. Skewers of chicken, marinated in olive oil, garlic, basil and breadcrumbs, skewered and served. An Italian kebab. Pair with your sauce and pasta of your choice and you have a hearty dish. We might not wait for the game for this dish… Making us hungry!

    man kissing tips of index finger and thumb

    Madonn, this is tasty!


  • San Francisco: Dungeness Crab

    If you’ve got the deep pockets and want to impress, get some Dungeness Crab. The star of Fisherman’s Wharf, these delicious crustaceans are a boiled pot away from delicious. Whip up a delicious lemon-garlic butter dip and serve to the delight of your guests. Just remember to chuck the tomalley. It’s crab poop. Everyone seems to know one person who likes to eat that. And they are weird.

    dungeness crab on plate with lemon slices

    Sure, the crab isn’t a fan. But you’ll LOVE it!


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