“New Female Artist Of The Year” nominee, Priscilla Block, crashed Losers Bar Las Vegas inside MGM Grand for the release of her new album, ‘Welcome To The Block Party.’ The bar was filled with locals and tourists alike to welcome the up-and-coming country artist with open arms. Priscilla graced the stage with a blue solo cup in hand, like the pro that she is. She cracked the mic with her bubbly personality saying, “thank you for coming out tonight.” Fans cheered in excitement. Her humble roots exude through her hilarious banter and storytimes. “What if no one’s there, I was like that would be awkward, bartenders learn the songs, let’s go,” Priscilla shared breaking the nervous ice. Get ready to dance because you have now entered the block party!

“Wish You Were The Whiskey” was the lucky first song chosen which started the night off on a high note. We all have had that one love we are trying to forget and what better way to do that than with a drink of Whiskey at the bar? A few drinks down and a few dance moves later, we begin to learn about the Mercury Nashville recording artist, as she opens up on stage about each of her songs off of her new album, ‘Welcome To The Block Party.’

Priscilla’s friends always tell her that she is always the life of the party -“why are you always in such a good mood?” Priscilla would respond with, “You didn’t see me last night – I was definitely crying my eyes out with a bottle of wine.” We have all been there in some capacity whether we were crying or one of our good friends was crying over a hard time. Check on your friends and ask them if they’re doing okay. Priscilla made a good point that looks aren’t always what they seem. She began to sing, “I’ve Gotten Good.” which is the song that inspired that part of her life.

A few noteworthy Losers Bar Las Vegas performances were: “Peaked In High School”, “Heels In Hand” and “I Know A Girl” ft. Hillary Lindsey.

The audience learns that Priscilla may be nominated for an American Country Music Award but she is just like the rest of us. The 12 song tracklist exemplifies her journey as a girl who experiences bullying, heartbreak, and her love for country music. We can’t wait to see more of Priscilla Block and her future endeavors.