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We have a lot of great restaurants in Las Vegas, but do you know what the oldest restaurant in Nevada is…and it’s still serving! According to a really cool article put out on Vinepair.com, it talked about the oldest restaurant in each state.

Depending on which state you’re from, you might want to check out the list. But living in Nevada for the over 35 years, I wanted to know, what was the oldest restaurant in Nevada!

What Is The Oldest Restaurant In Nevada?

According to the article, the oldest restaurant in Nevada, it’s the Basque Restaurant inside the Martin Hotel in Winnemucca! Although the hotel is closed for the most part, the restaurant continues to serve up customers.

Located at 94 West Railroad Street and built in 1898, this is the oldest restaurant in the state! According to The Martin’s website, not only do they still serve up a hot meal…they feature LIVE entertainment!

They bring out very folksy type entertainment that’s very family friendly. Including the Celtic Duo, Men of Worth or Lori Lewis and the Right Hands, featuring bluegrass music. Also, keep in mind that they do a special menu for all holidays…so you might want to put their website in your “favorites”.

While you’re there, you can also check out the Martin Hotel Bar! They feature full dinner plates including the 9 oz. steak sandwich. Or if you prefer fried food, gotta go for the Humbolt River Fish. They also include an array of local created cocktails…like the Carmel Apple Sangria! If you do indulge, just make sure to book a room!

This is a bit of our history that everyone should try at least once. Of course if you live in the northern part of the state, no problem. However, for us down here in Las Vegas, it’s a good six hour drive to get your taste of the Basque Restaurant!

But it might be worth the trip…a dose of history and a good meal. According to the menu, they serve up a nice array of steaks, seafood and pasta!

If you’re trying to think of the oldest restaurant in Las Vegas, you might have to do some searching. Thillist mentions Chicago Joe’s downtown in Las Vegas.

Although the building itself was constructed in the 1930s, it didn’t officially become a restaurant in Las Vegas until 1975.

Even if you consider The Pioneer Saloon in Good Springs, that was built in 1913. Of course, it’s still operating and it’s a great place to take family or friends that visit. But again, the Basque Restaurant still has a few years on The Pioneer.

So, here’s to you Basque Restaurant at The Martin Hotel in Winnemucca, the oldest restaurant in Nevada still serving it up…congrats!

For Las Vegas, here scroll down to see some of our favorite “old” establishments in Las Vegas!

5 Great Historical Eateries In Las Vegas:


    Bob Taylor’s Ranch House seemed like miles away from everything when it was built in 1955. Until the 215 was completed and now we go right past it and it’s right there! Located in the Centennial Hills area, it’s still a local favorite. From the ranch house style building itself to all the historical pictures on the walls!

    A guy ready to take a bite of his steak dinner


    Boy, if you want a piece of Las Vegas history and a great Italian meal…Piero’s might not be the oldest, but there is truly a lot of Vegas history within! This was the place during the hey day of Runnin’ Rebel Basketball and Coach Tarkanian. Featured in TV shows, movies, this place, for a lot of reasons, IS Las Vegas! If these walls could talk!

    a nice picture of an Italian dish featuring pasta


    Has to be one of the great classic restaurants in Las Vegas. Located downtown inside the Four Queens, they still hand out a rose to every woman who comes through the door. The food is excellent and the service just as good. If you’re looking for a romantic dinner that impresses, they’ve been around long enough, they know how to do it at Hugo’s!

    Two glasses of white wine next to a single stemmed red rose


    Don’t let the location fool ya! This is a classic Las Vegas restaurant that’s been here for a while. Dating back to the “Rat Pack”, you can even sit in the Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin booth. In fact, as for the little tour to show you where the hidden rooms are! Pretty interesting place and a lot of Vegas history!

    A steak dinner with a couple of glasses of red wine


    One more spot we’d like to add…The Peppermill! You want a flashback to the 70s still intact, then this is a must on the Las Vegas Strip. Day or night, The Peppermill is a great place to start out your evening or even wrap it up. Decked out with pink couches, an indoor firepit and more, you are truly transformed back to the 70s the minute you walk in!

    Close up of a martini with a couple of olives by the fireplace

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