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It’s seldom that we meet an artist who’s virality matches a quality of rich lyricism and depth.

Well, here’s Ryan Griffin, who breaks the mold of many current-day artists through his story-telling and song-playing abilities.

The singer performed in the 102.7 Coyote Country‘s performance studio and serenaded us with songs that pulsed with deep emotions, raw yet refined lyrics and stories alive with plots and characters.

Griffin, a native Floridian, has been in the country music scene since his youth and moved to Nashville at 17 years old.

Before Griffin decided to move to Nashville full-time, the singer spent his humble childhood in sod fields and grew up listening to an amalgamation of different music.

From Jimmy Buffet, Vince Gill and George Strait, Griffin was constantly hearing different types of artists.

He even mentioned that a major influence to his musical philosophy is Brian McKnight, who Griffin covered during the mini concert. This influence is a major reason for Griffin’s sprinkling of R&B sounds within his songs. The diverse selection of music that encompassed Griffin shaped him in ways he didn’t even realize at the time, his website states.

Once Griffin became old enough to pursue music fully, he enrolled at Belmont University in the voice program. However, he became concerned the training would massage the character from his sound and voice. So, he subsequently enrolled in the music business program.

His college career changed after receiving an internship with Broken Bow Records. Opportunities arose for Griffin throughout his time at that record company, and he found himself hitting the road to help with Jason Aldean’s tour.

Young with a face full of opportunities, Griffin‘s career trajectory changed as he embarked on this amazing adventure. But, Griffin‘s career hasn’t been met with complete laxity.

“Bouncing through a label and a publishing deal, Griffin sometimes wondered if this creative life was becoming too much of a hardship for his young family – but it was his wife who told him to stay the path and keep pursuing his dreams,” his website says.

In 2021, Griffin uploaded a TikTok video where he recorded his friend’s reaction while he listened to his new song “Salt, Lime & Tequila” for the first time.

The video was an instant hit and accumulated over 7 million views. This changed many things in Griffin‘s life amid a time where the Covid-19 Pandemic economically affected and gave many burgeoning artists the short end of record deals.

Currently, Griffin is busy promoting his new EP “Slow Down Sunrise,” which you can find HERE. We absolutely loved his authentic nature, and his songs struck a chord within us to simply enjoy life and be thankful for the memories we’ve made, whether they’re good or bad.

Thank you to Griffin and his team for coming down to Coyote Country! Watch and listen to his performance down below.

  • 1) "Salt, Lime & Tequila"

  • 2) "Love Don't"

  • 3) Anytime (Brian McKnight Cover)