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Some people can’t live without their air fryers, while others consider them to be glorified convection ovens. First things first, air fryers aren’t deep fryers. Many people use them as an alternative that can have similar results, but they’re just not the same. Air fryers circulate very hot air around your food, and that heat penetrates the food, achieving crispiness without a lot of or any oi at all.

Why do some people choose not to hop on the air frying train?

Some experts have identified cancer risks related to high levels of certain chemicals found in some air fryers. Consumer Notice reported that Several models of air fryers contain polyfluorinated molecules, also known as “forever chemicals,” in the nonstick coating of the basket. They also mention that scientific studies have established the health risks of exposure to high levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), showing links to health problems including infertility, hormone disruption, and some types of cancer.

They do suggest purchasing an air fryer with stainless steel or glass coatings to reduce PFAS exposure.

WebMD reported that in one study air frying fish raised the amount of a substance called “cholesterol oxidation products” (COPs). COPs form when the cholesterol in meat or fish breaks down during cooking. Studies connect these substances to coronary heart disease, hardening of the arteries, cancer, and other diseases. But there is a workaround. You can lower the amount of COPs when air frying fish by adding fresh parsley, chives, or a mixture of the two. They said that these herbs act as antioxidants to reduce the COPs in air-fried foods.

Then some people may avoid air fryers altogether due to mess and buildup that’s hard to clean or get to, uneven cooking, limited food space, or the fact that there are better or more efficient ways to cook.

On the other hand, many people love air fryers because they are quick, easy to use, and use less oil than deep frying.

If an air fryer is the latest addition to your kitchen appliance lineup, you may want to skip using it with certain foods.

  • Large Bone-In Meat

    We’re not talking about chicken wings here, we’re talking about large whole chickens. You’re better off sticking to an oven when it comes to cooking them. If you’re wondering why, chicken must be cooked to a specific temperature internally before being consumed. According to the USDA, all poultry should reach a safe minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.  Unfortunately, air frying this food item doesn’t guarantee an even cook. But hey, at least chicken wings are small enough to get an even crisp. Just make sure you line the air fryer basket first if it’s raw meat.

    Chicken baked whole to a delicious crust. A traditional dish. In the background are cucumbers and cherry tomatoes on a white plate. Close-up, selective focus, gray background.

    tasha_lyubina/ Getty Images

  • Wet Batters

    An air fryer is not a deep fryer. So, if you’re looking to toss battered fries, meat cutlets, or battered veggies, think again. There’s a big chance the batter will drip down the base of the machine, causing a big mess and major cleanup after. Bad enough, some people didn’t know you even had to clean an air fryer regularly. No really, someone on Reddit shared that they didn’t wash their air fryer basket after each use. “I don’t think I’ve ever washed it lol. I’ve had it for 8 months and decided to finally wash it today,” they wrote. They continued to say how there was a bunch of “solidified juices” and “fat/ grease” from steak and chicken.

    Hands dipping a chicken breast fillet in beaten egg to fry it

    Fabián Ponce/ Getty Images

  • Cheesy Foods

    It’s possible to make your favorite cheesy snacks in an air fryer. But it can get messy. AllRecipes cautions against air frying cheese. This isn’t because of health reasons but for cleanup purposes. They point out that cheese melts fast. The outlet suggests sticking to foods that effectively hold the cheese in place. Maybe, just stick to frozen cheeses like mozzarella sticks.

    grilled cheese sandwiches with apple and brie, take out style

    Wirestock/ Getty Images

  • Leafy or Chard Greens

    Sure you can go ahead and put those Brussels sprouts or broccoli in the air fryer. But skip putting spinach, collard, or chard leaves in. If you haven’t tried it already, light leaves might move and shift around during the cooking process. You may also come across a fairly dry vegetable if you don’t put a little oil with it. And, of course, you don’t want to forget the seasonings.

    Variety of green vegetables

    Martin Barraud/ Getty Images

  • Popcorn

    Some people have tried it but you probably shouldn’t. Most air fryer models won’t reach the required temperature to pop the kernels. According to Jolly Time Pop Corn, the best popping temperature is between 400 and 460 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, popcorn kernels can become lodged within the air fryer’s heating element, which can potentially cause it to short.

    Wooden rustic bowl of popcorn isolated on white background, top view. Fast food, cinema snack and entertainment concept, cutout

    Prostock-Studio/ Getty Images

  • Pasta, Quinoa, Rice, Grains

    Some grains like bread can be cooked in an air fryer. However, it can get a little tricky with lighter breads like toast and English muffins due to the air making them fly around. But anything like pasta, quinoa, and rice doesn’t do too well. Raw grains need to absorb water to cook. But there is some good news. If you have rice that’s already cooked, just add a little oil to reat in the air fryer.

    Foods high in carbohydrate, isolated on white

    egal/ Getty Images

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