Ransom Garcia

Ransom Garcia

Chris Pratt Swore Off Marvel Auditions After Losing So Many Roles

Chris Pratt recently opened up about the many Marvel auditions that he lost out on and revealed why he was considering never auditioning for a Marvel movie again.

Pratt said, “I auditioned for them all. I had a rough run with Marvel.

He continued, “I auditioned for Thor, but not even to be Thor— but to be one of his sidekick guys, and I didn’t get a callback. Usually, they give you a little bit of feedback, and I remember the casting director goes, ‘Wow. You really made a big choice there.’ Which is code for like: ‘Hey, dial back the acting there, guy.”

He added, “It got to the point where I was never gonna audition for Marvel again. I was like, ‘This is stupid, I’m never gonna be in a Marvel movie.'”

Pratt continued, “And it was not only just Marvel things, but there have been a lot of heroic characters in various films… Not DC characters, but like, you know, Star Trek or Avatar. Anything that was like, ‘This guy walks in, and he’s got the it-factor.’ Over and over again, I was like, ‘Well, I definitely don’t have that it-factor they’re looking for because they don’t even want me to come back.'”

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    Chris Pratt Swore Off Marvel Auditions After Losing So Many Roles

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