Cupcakes decoraited with lemon and thyme

Today is National Chocolate Cupcake Day, so we wanted to give you a list of the best cupcakes in Las Vegas.

We’re down for any reason to eat cupcakes, chocolate or otherwise. Although cupcakes have been around for over 300 years, they really took off at the turn of the century. We can probably blame some of that on the high-profile cupcakeries featured in our favorite shows. Remember Magnolia Bakery from Sex And The City? Cameos like that really boosted the popularity of boutique cupcake places worldwide.

Before We Get Into The Best Cupcakes In Las Vegas. . .

Here are some other fun facts about cupcakes, according to Mobile-Cuisine: Cupcakes have been around since the late 1700’s. The first record of them, by name, was in 1796 when American Cookery was first published. American Cookery was the first cookbook written by an American, named Amelia Simms.

In the book, Simms wrote a notation on one of her recipes: “a cake to be baked in small cups” (Mobile-Cuisine). And thus the “cupcake” was born.

But cupcakes originally had another name. They were referred to as “Number Cakes” or “1-2-3-4 Cakes”. This was an easy way to remember the recipe. One cup of butter and milk, one teaspoon soda, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour and four eggs.

Another fun fact is that the first time cupcakes gained momentum was in the early 1900’s. In 1919 Hostess started making them in mass quantities. Which makes sense…that was the year we all got a lot happier. The cream filling, however, didn’t make its debut until the 1950’s (Mobile-Cuisine).

There are some world records around cupcakes. The most cupcakes eaten in the shortest amount of time was 29 cupcakes in a 30-second timeframe. And the world’s largest cupcake weighs 1,200 pounds  (Mobile-Cuisine). For you calorie- counters out there, that’s over 2 million. So maybe don’t eat it all in one sitting.

Well now that you’ve satisfied your craving for cupcake-trivia. Here’s a few of our favorite places to get a cupcake today. Just do us a favor and bring us one!

Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ Las Vegas

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