We love brunch in Las Vegas for many reasons.

This midpoint meal is a mixture of hearty breakfast food with light lunch pairings, and it’s not only acceptable to drink, but encouraged.

These days, brunch is not only a noun but a verb.

“Sorry sweetie, I can’t go out today. I’m brunching with the girls,” is a plausible excuse. And brunch is an occasion where dressing up, or dressing down, is perfectly acceptable because there are simply no rules to proper brunching.

In a column by Washington Post features reporter Maura Judkis, she wrote, “Restaurant brunches are more than just destinations, they’re communal experiences.”

This may explain why brunch has become so popular in the past decade. In a time where work-life balance is becoming blurred, and some of us have a hard time clocking out from our 24/7 schedule, brunch offers a brief moment to unplug and enjoy the camaraderie of life.

In Las Vegas, we have tons of places that cater to every need and want when it comes to brunch.

But, one miraculous thing about brunch is the societal confirmation that drinking before 5 p.m. is OK when it comes to this meal of the day.

When you enter a popular brunch establishment, carafes filled with orange juice mixed with champagne are usually placed on tables with jolly crowds of people surrounding them. It’s almost as if mimosas are a universal signal that you’re eating brunch.

Now, what takes this experience to the next level? BOTTOMLESS mimosas, which is the culprit for many brunches turning into a full party.

There are many reasons why bottomless mimosas are a good and bad idea. The bottomless mimosa can turn a nice classy brunch date into an evening filled with regrets and strewn memories. So this is our warning now: Attend a bottomless brunch at your own risk! Please, do not blame us if your brunch turns into a club night instead.

Remember: Enjoy your brunch responsibly! Call an Uber, Lyft or Taxi instead of drinking and driving.