Baby names are so important. Your name defines you as a person.

You and your partner are expecting a baby, the deed is done and now it’s time to plan! For many couples, this is one of the happiest times of their life bringing a little bundle of joy into the world. The excitement of telling your family, to setting up your registry to finding a space for the crib are just some of the pre-tasks at hand. The list of the un-thinkables can be a bit overwhelming but for good reason. One struggle many couples may face is naming their baby.

Naming A Baby

Parents of the baby to be may have already started to ponder what to the name baby. Will they be named after a family member or take the both couples last names? Naming a baby is so important because the name chosen will last with them forever. Their name becomes part of their identity and choosing the wrong name could be detrimental. And it’s not just a first name but the middle and last name also play a crucial role. Will the baby have a middle name? That’s for you to decide but a first name is a must.

There are many common baby names and the new trend is to name your baby something unpredictable. We have seen with the Kar-Jenners with baby names like Stormi, True, Psalm and North but they aren’t the only family to do this. Elon Musk and Grimes named their youngest child, Techno Mechanicus with the nickname Tau. We don’t know if that is the direction we would have chosen but to each their own.

Baby Names Tik Tok Trend

There is a popular trend going around TikTok where people are naming baby names that would theoretically sound “cute” if they didn’t have other meanings. For example, Gasoline, if it didn’t mean what we know it to be, it could sound cute for a little girl. We hope that our list below helps future parents name or not name their future baby! Enjoy.

  • Knife

    Young boy with black hair and blue eyes.

    Hear me out, a little boy who has a bit of a temper and has high energy. He may be one of those kids who pushes the other kids on the swings too hard. “Knife, don’t push them so high.”

  • Salami

    A little girl with red hair wearing a blue shirt.

    I know what you’re thinking… No. But hear me out on this. If we didn’t think lunch meat, this could be a cute girls name. “Salami became vice president of student council.”


  • Vase

    A young boy wearing a blue shirt with brown curly-ish hair.

    A name that wouldn’t normally come first to mind but say it out loud. Vase. There is a wow-factor. Vase sounds like a famous actors name. “And the Academy Award goes to… Vase.”

  • Brussel

    A young boy with brown hair climbing on a yellow jungle gym.

    Similar to the city in Belgium but singular. Or like the vegetable but not. Brussel sounds like it would be a strong man name. Brussel sounds like that sporty kid who has a lot of energy. “He kicks… And Scores, Brussels makes the winning goal!”

  • Felony

    A young girl with brown hair in a yellow sweater holding a blue book. She is tanding in front of trees.

    Felony isn’t what her name sounds like. She is a young scholar who is kind to all of her friends. “Felony” could be spelled with an ie to switch it up. Almost like Melanie.

  • Amnesia

    A little girl brushing her teeth wearing lime green dress.

    Don’t forget this name. It has a sweet ring to it for a little girl. “Amnesia, it’s time to brush your teeth and get ready for bed.”

  • Chromium 

    A baby with brown hair laying down on a bed with a gray star shirt on.

    Yes, this is a chemical element known as Cr but it might have been an adorable baby boy name in another life. Chromium. “Happy Birthday Chromium, daddy loves you.”

  • Vendetta

    A little girl in an orange dress with blonde hair. She is standing in front a house with a balcony.

    There is no secret meaning to this name. Vendetta has a ring to it. her could nickname her “Detta.” “Vendetta no sweets before bed.”

  • Horizon

    A young boy wearing a blue shirt with a big smile and brown hair.

    Though we know it as the break in the sky and the Earth but a little boy name it could be. A young boy who loves nature and being outdoors. “Horizon, don’t forget to take off your mud boots before coming in the house.”


  • Larceny

    A little girl riding her yellow bike. She has a blue shirt on and a brown ponytail.

    This baby name is taking ownership with intent to not give it’s original meaning back. Could you imagine? A little girl riding her bike with brown hair. “Larceny, don’t forget your helmet.”

  • Vegan

    two young kids smiling. The boy is wearing an orange shirt and a girl is wearing a purple shirt and a jean jacket.

    But pronounced, VEY-GAN, almost like Reagan but with a V. This would be a unisex name and could go either way. “Vegan, could you bring mommy, my keys.”

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