Ransom Garcia

Weekdays 3pm-7pm

It was another great week at Timbers Bar & Grill!

This week, we were broadcasting LIVE at the Timbers’ location on Tenaya Way and Azure Drive.

We gave away TONS of great prizes to kick off the start of our weekend. We gave away Machine Gun Kelly tickets, Timbers gift cards and a three-day wristband for the Stagecoach festival in Indio, California!

Congratulations to our Stagecoach winner Robert Maxwell! He and his fabulous wife (who had a matching snakeskin-print outfit) were so excited that they won passes. He said they plan to make a full trip out of this weekend.

Join us every Friday at multiple Timbers locations across the city. Check out our Instagram or Facebook page to see which location we’ll be at. Every Friday, we’ll be hosting ticket giveaways, merch surprise drops and so much more!

We’ll start the broadcast LIVE at 3 p.m., and we end at 7 p.m. Timbers Bar & Grill is the quintessential place for any local. For over 8 years, Timbers has been voted “best bar food,” and we can attest!

Also Timbers hosts their OWN giveaways. Party with us during a Friday night broadcast and not only will you have the opportunity to win Coyote Country’s music tickets. But you could also win Timbers’ giveaway of amazing prizes, which includes a grill and 50 pounds of beef.

107.9 Coyote Country knows this is another party you won’t want to miss! Check out Timbers’ hours and make a reservation HERE. Whether you want your own coyote party or a night out with your friends, Timbers is the certified Las Vegas spot for locals.

Locals make Friday Nights a day we’ll never forget, we hope to see everyone back and more next Friday!

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