It was another successful weekend with Essential Foods and Coyote Countrys Shawn Stevens, who broadcasted LIVE at Meadows Mall located at 4300 Meadows Ln.

Shawn was able to help out and giveaway tons of prizes for listeners who were waiting in line for the tasty selection of meatpoultry and seafood.

Everyone was a winner at this event because Essential Foods‘ deals are astonishing! With “20 Ribeyes For $40,” it’s no wonder why the line snaked around the Coyote Country tent and only elongated as the day went on. The deals were unreal!

The half-off party boxes, which are filled with premium cuts and fillets of meat, were just as popular at the ribeyes. Many people left the Essential Foods truck with stacks of boxes filled with delicious, premium meals.

Essential Foods is perfect for any type of cook and family. The bulk deals are budget friendly and cater to a variety of taste and meat preference.

We hope to see you at the next Essential Food truck stop! Be sure to follow Coyote’s FacebookInstagram and Twitter to learn about upcoming Coyote Sightings, and check out the photos below and you may see someone you know.