Ransom Garcia

Weekdays 3pm-7pm

Sometimes, our boots know us better than some people.

Our boots are what keeps us grounded, protected and supported. And without a quality pair, we pay the ultimate price of ripped “leather” and sore feet. Let’s face it: nothing is worse than a poor pair of boots.

Old Country Boots knows that boots are meant to be created with a meticulous eye accompanied by multiple, personally curated sessions for the person who will be wearing the boot.

This family-owned business is a hidden gem in Las Vegas. Snuggled in the corner of Chandler Avenue is an inconspicuous building with dried leather hanging in the front, matching the quaint studio inside that has a single chair for boot fittings. A bookcase showcases an array of handmade, custom boots.

The boot makers at Old Country have been making leather goods for most of their life, and their expertise does into making boots that are unlike any other boot available on the market.

Ransom went to get his OWN pair of Old Country Boots. He was able to pick the type of leather, stitching, color and style of the boot. And the fitting session was an amazing experience.

His artist had an eye that can only be made with years of experience. He measured the width of the calf, toe box, arch of the foot, height of the toes. Each measurement and marking is crucial in the fit and quality of the boot.

The boots are made the traditional way. You know what they say, too, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” In a day where most shoes and clothes are pumped through machines and non-sustainable factories, Old Country Boots stands out as a leather of high-quality and 100% handmade leather wear.

The team at Old Country boots never use computerized machinery to make their products because simply the computers don’t do as good of a job.

The fitting was the first part of Ransom’s Old Country boots journey. Now, we wait for the boots to be made and boy are we ecstatic for this opportunity. Follow us on this journey of getting the ULTIMATE pair of boots.