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In the wild world of making ends meet, you would be surprised at just how weird and unconventional some people get when scoring a little extra cash. We’ve all had those moments when our wallets felt painfully light, whether during those college years when every penny counted or just last week when unexpected expenses cropped up. In those tight spots, people get creative when they are in search of solutions.

Maybe you’ve found yourself pondering the idea of selling feet pictures online. Perhaps you briefly contemplated starting an OnlyFans account. Recently, a Reddit user sparked an intriguing discussion when they asked, “What is the dumbest way you’ve ever made money?” Well, that question lit up the comment section with stories from people that are hilarious and downright odd.

Wait, they did what for money?

That Reddit thread has over two thousand comments; some stand out for their weird approaches to making money. In the comment section, one person shared an interesting story of allowing a Craigslist stranger to shave their head and film it, all in exchange for a cool $600. Another Redditor chimed in with an unexpected twist involving Samsung’s recall of exploding batteries. They managed to purchase 120 of these batteries from Craigslist users and then sold them back to Samsung, pocketing $50,000 in the process. The strangeness doesn’t stop there. One commenter shared an unusual work-related endeavor: “I sold my urine on job sites to guys who knew they were going to be tested.”

Why may some people do weird things for cash?

A study conducted by FinanceBuzz, a financial and career website, found that around 44% of Americans participated in what they described as unconventional side hustles last year. They said the driving factor behind this is that there are many tasks that others don’t want to do, allowing you to make money by doing these odd tasks.

If you’re interested in exploring the unique and unconventional ways people have found to make money, you can take a look at the Reddit thread here.

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