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Luke Combs’ new album out today (3/24), Growing Old, seems to be a continuation of his CMA Album of the Year winner Growin’ Up, which came out in the summer of last year, and there is a reason for that.

Luke told us how the two albums connect, “All the songs that were on ‘Growin’ Up’ and the songs that are now on this one, ‘Getting Old,’ were all recorded in the same era. And what I mean by that is we were in the studio a bunch and recording what was then going to be my third album. I began to compile this list of songs; we must have recorded forty (songs) over two years.”

He continued, “As I began to compile the track list that was going to be ‘Growin’ Up,’ I was having so much trouble coming up with this track list because there were two sets of songs that were so different from each other. I thought, ‘Well, I’ve got this song called ‘Growin’ Up and Getting Old,’ which the hook was ‘in the middle of growing up and gettin’ old,’ and that is really where I feel like I am.”

Combs added, “I am a dad now, and I’ve reached a pretty awesome level of success in my career, and that’s where I feel that I am; when I am home, I’m changing diapers, and when I am not home I’m on stage performing in front of thousands of people. It’s just so crazy different, and that’s where a lot of these songs came from is that headspace. All these songs existed at the same time, and I wanted to showcase where my music has been and where my music is going, and this, to me, was the best way of doing that.”

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Luke also told us that while his life is a happy one right now with one baby at home and another on the way, he is still able to come up with heartbreaking songs thanks to his co-writer in the room.

He said, “It goes back to the beauty your co-writers can bring to the writing room and to the record is, I can be in this amazing place and then come up with this guitar riff and have this song title that my co-writer goes, ‘Aw man, I get that, I am there right now.’ You just try to bottle that magic when you have it and know you can write from a place of experiencing that, they’re writing from a place of being in that moment, and you can be writing for someone who at one point will be in that moment.”


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