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Jake Owen Mourns Loss Of His Dog Merle

Country singer Jake Owen is mourning the loss of his beloved English Bulldog, Merle. The singer-songwriter took to social media to share a heartfelt tribute to his furry friend, who passed away over the weekend.

In a post on his Instagram account, Owen expressed his grief and shared fond memories of his 14-year companionship with Merle. He wrote, “It’s a weird time for me these days. Lost another best friend. We shared almost 14 years together. He went more places than most people ever will, and slept through most of it. He was with me through the best of the best and worst moments of my life. Love ya Merle. You were my dawg.”

The post also included a touching video montage of photos that showed just how close Owen and his family were to Merle.

Losing a pet is never easy, and the pain of the loss can be overwhelming. If you’ve experienced the loss of a furry friend, know that you’re not alone. Many pet owners find comfort in sharing their stories and memories with others who have been through a similar experience.

If you’re searching for ways to cope with the loss of a pet, consider reaching out to a pet loss support group, or talking to a professional therapist who specializes in grief and loss.

In honor of Merle, let’s cherish the time we have with our furry companions and remember the joy and love they brought into our lives.

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Celebrate Your Furry Bestie On National Dog Day In Las Vegas

Happy National Dog Day!

How can we repay our furry friend(s) who provide us with comfort, care and kinship.

Well. Luckily, we live in a city where the dogs are treated better than kids. And we’re only slightly kidding.

I mean, let’s be real. We see the Summerlin mothers (or fathers, too) who are pushing strollers at the local park. However, instead of a baby being snuggled into the stroller, a small Yorkie, teacup poodle or tiny Pomeranian can be seen perched on the stroller.

Aside from this, many of us can appreciate the dogs in our life. There’s also clinical research that proves the benefits of having a canine companion in your life.

Harvard Medical School actually conducted research about the connection between owning a dog and a the owner’s wellbeing. According to the research, having a dog can boost human health.

Aside from a dog making their owners more physically active, owning a dog can help humans be more mindful and calmer. It can also help kids be more active, secure and responsible.

Petting a dog can even lower a person’s blood pressure and heart rate. And the dog benefits from this as well! Being a dog parent can calm jagged nerves and reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, too. So, along with the unparalleled companionship, owning a dog will hypothetically improve your mental and physical wellbeing!

Since National Dog Day is nearly here, there are a few ways you can help out our pooch community in the Vegas Valley.

The Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is always looking for financial support due to the organization being fully independent and volunteer based.

How to support

If you’re a Las Vegas local who’s looking to celebrate your doggy in all its glory then look no further! Here are a few fun activities you can do on National Dog Day!

  • Have a pet tintype portrait made of you and your dog

    To book a photo session, click HERE.

    Happy August to all Hoomans!As we get ready for National Dog Day on August 26th, The Dog & Whistle team has...

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  • 30% Paddleboard Rentals If You Bring A Dog. Use Promo Code: 30OFFAUG on Aug. 26

    Click HERE for more info about registration and rentals.

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    Posted by Lake Las Vegas Water Sports on Tuesday, July 26, 2022

  • Take Your Dog For A Pet Massage!

    Las Vegas Dog Resort offer massages for your canine companion! There’s also other packages that include “bedtime stories with cuddles,” a full dog body wrap and “pawdicures.”

    Pet Grooming & Spa - LV Dog Resort

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  • Take Your Dog On A Dinner Date!

    There are tons of dog-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas. Check out the article below to explore your options!

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