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Melissa Joan Hart Recalls Her ’90s Fling With Ryan Reynolds: We ‘Had A Little Thing’

Melissa Joan Hart is discussing her relationship with Ryan Reynolds.

This week on the Hey Dude… The 90s Called! podcast, the 46-year-old actress talked about acting in Sabrina The Teenage Witch alongside Ryan, where they seemed to develop a love for each other.

“I worked with Ryan Reynolds on the ‘Sabrina’ movie. The first movie we did, Ryan was in it,” says Hart. Reynolds, who played “Seth” in the 1996 movie, purchased a Beluga watch for Hart.

“You get a piece of jewelry like that; you gotta make out with the guy!” she joked. Hart says she was dating Corky Martin, who is also known as Chris William Martin, so she and Ryan didn’t hook up, but she says, “we were smitten and cute, and he was adorable.”

Is there someone you should’ve dated but didn’t? Share who it is and why you didn’t hook up?

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Melissa Joan Hart recently talked about her time working with Ryan Reynolds in the ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ movie in the 90s, where she admits they had a “little thing” for each other. She also revealed that Ryan bought her a Beluga watch while they were filming, and that she had a boyfriend at the time. In 2017, she also shared that Ryan “would have been a great boyfriend” and she should have taken a chance.