Using Las Vegas Boulevard as a bathroom is not a good idea. It’s an even worse idea when you’re wanted on a murder charge. But that’s exactly what 52 year old Mel Gibson did on Sunday, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Metro says their bike control officers spotted Gibson – not related to the actor – undoing his pants. They said it was “as if he was going to urinate in a public place”. Gibson spotted them, packed up his “stuff” and tried to avoid contact with the cops. But they swooped in.

Gibson was stopped for the lewd act, but according to Metro, when they called in for a records check, it came up clean (much like the street, thankfully). Once it did, they let him on his way.

Wait… THAT Mel Gibson?!

Turns out letting him go was a bad idea. A second records check found that there was actually a warrant out for the guy’s arrest. He is wanted on a charge of second-degree murder in the December 12th death of a man at Charleston and Decatur. Witnesses say he knocked out that man who was later brought to a hospital and died.

That obviously put Metro on high alert, and the search began. Metro says they thankfully found him once again, 20 minutes later at a gas station on Paradise Road. He’s now in custody and is expected to be brought in front of a judge for his initial appearance today, Thursday.

There is a lesson to be learned here. If you’re wanted for anything, use a toilet. Actually – just used a toilet regardless. We’d all appreciate it. Please and thank you.