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Making Your Oatmeal With Tea Instead Of Water Is A Total Game Changer

Did you know you can make your oatmeal healthier and taste better without adding sugar or other empty calories by using tea?

Most of the time, oatmeal is made with water or milk. As an alternative, tea gives you various tastes, from fruity and floral to herbal and spice-heavy aromas that make you feel warm and snug, plus it has extra nutrients.

To add tea to your oatmeal, make a cup of tea as you normally would: bring a half cup of water to a boil, add your tea bag, and let it sit for as long as the package says.

Then, take the tea bag out and add the oats. For instant or steel-cut oats, use one cup of rolled oats and follow the directions on the package.

What do you put in your oatmeal?

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