Before parents move to a new community, first priority is to check out the schools. The street you live on determine if your kid goes to an 8/10 school or 2/10 school. Well, CCSD is debating approving new boundaries for elementary, middle and high schools.

In a Clark County School District board meeting on Tuesday morning, the board showed off changes which are sure to confuse some parents. We’ve listed the proposed changes by the schools who could see some moves away from.

Elementary Schools

Robert and Sandy Ellis Elementary School – Right now elementary school students in Inspirada (proper) go to Robert and Sandy Ellis Elementary School. That school is getting decently full given the crazy growth. Communities south of Via Inspirada and others may end up having their kids go to Shirley and Bill Wallin Elemntary School. To see the map of the proposed change, click here.

Indian Springs Elementary School – In the far northwest valley (Kyle Canyon Road area), nearly all of the kids in the area go to Indian Springs Elementary School. That is a hike, even for people choosing to live towards Mount Charleston. Now a big swath of those kids could, starting next school year, go to James Bilbray or William and Mary Scherkenbach Elementary Schools, which are much closer to the end of Kyle Canyon Road and not next door to Creech Air Force Base. Click here to see a map the proposed changes.

Middle School

Indian Springs Middle School – Once again we find ourselves up towards the far northwest. Nearly all of the homes off Kyle Canyon Road had middle schoolers schlepping several miles north towards Indian Springs Middle School. Now practically all of the students could, beginning next year, going to Edmundo “Eddie” Escobedo Sr. Middle School. Still not a quick trip, but definitely shorter. Click here to see a map of the proposed changes.

High Schools

Coronado High School – The boundaries between Coronado High School and Green Valley High School are pretty clear cut, but they could change. Robindale, Green Valley Parkway, Wigwam – between Pecos and Stephanie – is the line. Well, CCSD could approve a proposal that would bring the southern border to the 215 beltway. It’s a small sliver of space, but it holds a lot of apartments. According to US News and World Report, Coronado has a score of 41 for college readiness, while Green Valley only scores a 26. Not to mention friendships that could be hampered due to the change. Thankfully current 9th, 10th and 11th graders can stick with Coronado if they want. This will immediately affect incoming freshmen and new students to the area. Click here to see a map of the proposed changes.

Indian Springs High School and Arbor View High School – Back to the northwest we go and before we start to explain, just look at the maps because it gets confusing. Long story short, Kyle Canyon Road kids could mostly find themselves switching from Indian Springs to Centennial High School. Meanwhile a swath of homes caught south and west of Farm and Hualapai could find themselves swapping from Arbor View High School to Centennial. Click here to see a map of the proposed changes.

Public input is being taken into account to decide which proposals to go forward with. When the decisions are made by the CCSD board, we’ll be sure to update this article.