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Reba McEntire’s name is being used to trick fans into sending money and personal information, and she is not happy about it. In a series of Tweets, Reba warned fans about the scams.

In her first post about the problem, Reba said on Twitter, “Just a reminder to be aware of scams out there. The only social media profiles I have are all under the @reba handle and have blue verified checkmarks beside my name. Any other profile out there is a fake.”

She added in a second post, “If you are messaging with any profiles asking for this, please do not engage with them. They are not officially associated with me or my organization. Also, be aware of targeted scam advertising that says I am selling products like CBD gummies. They are also fake.”

In a third tweet, she said, “The only place you can buy any kind of official Reba product is through my website at,, or You can never be too safe out there online. If it seems fishy, trust your instincts and report the profile.”


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