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Kane Brown has announced the tracklisting for his upcoming album. The 17-song project, dubbed Different Man, includes a duet with Blake Shelton (the title track) and a duet with Brown’s wife Katelyn called “Thank God.”

Kane posted to Instagram, “Track listing for the album coming out 9/9 tag a friend.”

Blake responded to the post, “Can’t wait for this, buddy!”

The album will be out on September 9, 2022.

Different Man Tracklisting:

1. Bury Me In Georgia
2. Different Man (feat. Blake Shelton)
3. Like I Love Country Music
4. Go Around
5. Grand
6. See You Like I Do
7. Thank God (feat. Katelyn Brown)
8. Leave You Alone
9. Riot
10. One Mississippi
11. Drunk Or Dreamin’
12. Losing You
13. Whiskey Sour
14. Pop’s Last Name
15. Devil Don’t Even Bother
16. Nothin’ I’d Change
17. Dear Georgia

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