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Luke Combs performs during day 3 of CMA Fest 2022 (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Blake Shelton Embarrassed Luke Combs Was Rejected By The Voice

Listen, mistakes happen. We all make them. Some mistakes are larger than others. Well, after reading this, I think we all will agree that the one that ‘The Voice’ just admitting to making is a pretty big one!

Recently, Luke Combs revealed that he was rejected by The Voice back in the day, and Blake Shelton said he is extremely embarrassed about that decision.

Needless to say, in the end, things worked out for Luke Combs and that rejection letter was just the perfect tool to inspire him really put in the work and prove the haters wrong.

If you’ve ever proven your haters wrong, I bet you know how good that feels.

Luke said, “I made it through those rounds with the producers, but I got a letter saying I wasn’t ‘interesting’ enough for the show’s ratings so I didn’t get to the show. But it gave me a lot of confidence because I was good enough voice-wise to make it through all those producer auditions.”

To nobody’s surprise, THAT story got back to everyone’s favorite judge on the popular singing show and when Blake Shelton was recently asked about Luke’s rejection, he had this to say…

Blake said, “He told me that story…there’s no way around it, it’s embarrassing. Let’s just face it. Luke told me that he kept his rejection letter, his letter saying we’re not gonna put you on the show.”

He continued, “He put that in his dorm room in college and he hung it on the wall to push him on, something to fight for.”

He added, “I don’t know if he still has that letter or not, but if he does…I think he should frame it and put it next to be his first triple-platinum album that he has.”

Has anyone ever rejected you and then ended up regretting it?