My mom and my dad are so creative when it comes to fun, thoughtful gifts and she never does it simple. It could be something super inexpensive or expensive but the presentation is always so fun!

This year she brought over a wrapped box on Sunday 11/28 and said that I wasn’t to touch it. That was my only instruction.

The next day  (11/29) I got a clue sent to my phone and it was a target bullseye looking thing..  I had no idea what it was. I thought TARGET gift card! She told me she couldn’t say anything else and I would get my next clue the next day. Later that morning, I got a count down of 2 days 6 hours and 33 minutes. That was when I could open my secret gift!

On Tuesday 11/30 my clue was a meadow.. or it looked like it at first to me HAHA turns out it was a vineyard. (me rolling my eyes at myself)

Wednesday is the day (12/01)!!! I have to wait until 5pm though, but, I got my final and last clue.. a calendar with the countdown to Christmas on it.

At this point our entire text family had figured our what all the clues meant, before Jeff and I.

Mom had gotten me A WINE ADVENT CALENDAR! I have always wanted one!

Happy Holidays and CHEERS!