I wrote this 2 years ago today, and I am proud to say I have stayed true to NOT scrolling at bed time.
Today my four month old was the most cranky he has been in his life. I know that he’s teething and I feel terrible for him. I’ve had to hold him 95% of the day, all while making dinner, doing dishes, washing bottles.
It’s been a trying, frustrating day.
FINALLY he was ready for bed.
I took him upstairs and while feeding him.. for the first time in about 3 months (embarrassingly accurate) I didn’t scroll through my phone endlessly.
I just took him in. Every piece of him.
I stared at his hands, the dimples on his knuckles, the rubber bands on his wrists, forearms, ankles, AND thighs (he doesn’t skip a meal). I noticed he was squeezing the thumb I would have been using on my phone. I could have counted his eye lashes. I watched him smile as he saw the angels while he was falling asleep. His eyes were half open and I kissed the middle of his forehead. As I pulled away his eyes were completely shut, as if he was just waiting for my kiss.
They don’t stay this little for long. I know this because my 11 year old, my first love, is starting middle school on Monday. I remember doing the same to him. Soaking him in. Every. Single. Piece. and it seems like yesterday. Remember, 11 years ago cell phones weren’t such a hand held addiction. So moms, if you are like me and try to catch up on the latest drama on TMZ, Facebook, Instagram while your babies are falling asleep, just stop.. it will be there later.
Cherish this time.. Treat it like gold. Soak. In. Your. Baby. They won’t be a baby forever.