It has been a VERY difficult couple days but there was no doubt in my mind that I needed to share MY story for everyone.

From Jeff:

On Sunday evening (November 8), I started to not feel right. A headache that I attributed to a bad hangover but then things got much worse. I begin getting the sweats and then spent most of the evening in the bathroom. It was a LONG night, I couldn’t sleep and had NO appetite. I knew my body didn’t feel right.

Listen to your body. That’s super important. I did and let the proper people know at the radio station that I didn’t feel well and scheduled a COVID-19 test for the very next day. Deep in my heart, I knew I had it, I just had never felt this way before, but I had to make sure.

My test the next morning confirmed my worst fear, I had tested positive for COVID-19.

Now begins the quarantine in my OWN house to protect those I love from catching this. Masks in the house, hand sanitizer in every room, disinfectant and wipes galore. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve managed to keep my family safe. Unfortunately, my mom had flown in earlier that day, before I had symptoms. My family lives back in Maryland, they don’t make it out to Las Vegas very often so of course I had to get sick THAT night. You thought wearing a mask when you leave the house was annoying? Try wearing it 24/7 around your own home.

I’ve gotten quite a few messages and texts asking how I’m doing, I’m doing really well. Every day I feel better and better. Thank goodness that day one was the worst and I haven’t had a fever or the chills since that first evening. A lot of people ask “how did you get it?” That I don’t have an answer for. I feel as if I have been just as careful as every one else. Unfortunately, this is our reality. I don’t know how I got it but I did my part in stopping it.

As soon as I felt sick Sunday evening, I texted every person I had been in contact with for the last two weeks personally (even if I had a mask on when interacting with them) to let them know that I was ill. I followed up with each person with my test results the next day. I honestly felt so embarrassed and nervous when reaching out but, this was not about ME and my feelings, this is about the safety of those I love!

Remember that! Do your part and let those you love know what’s going on. It may be an awkward conversation but you have to do your part in stopping the spread. I hear a lot of people complaining about having to wear a mask or not being able to go to a concert, let me tell you, wearing a mask is nothing in comparison to how I felt the very first night of my symptoms.

Wear a mask. Listen to your body.

I am so happy to be BACK on the air now with Aimee (who is also quarantining and working from home). Thank you for all of the love and supportive messages the past couple weeks, it helped more than you can imagine!